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        Grundfos Product Agent

        Guangzhou Zhongzhou Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is the first agent of Grundfos in South China, and also the after-sales service center in South China authorized by Grundfos. The company mainly sells Grundfos PPS, S series SE1/SEV, SEG, DPK/DWK/DW, etc.), Submersible mixer (AMD series, AMG series), Submersible current thruster (AFG/AFV series), Grundrich circulation, pressurized multi-stage centrifugal pump (CR, CRI, CRN, CM, etc.), Deep well pump (SP, etc., Pipeline pump (NBG TP, etc.), Secondary water supply without negative pressure, Pressurized water supply, Alldos chlorination equipment, chlorine dioxide generator, sodium hypochlorite generator, metering pump and other products.
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