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        Sludge treatment

        Due to the different water content, sludge can be liquid, plastic, solid and ash state. Therefore, in the process of sludge treatment, there are great differences in the ways and forms of sludge transportation and storage. We cooperate with many international well-known enterprises in Europe and America. We have dozens of project performances in the sludge conveyors and bins, so that accumulated rich experience in design, construction and operation management. We can provide you a complete set of sludge treatment systems, which consists of dehydration, drying, storage and delivery, at the same time, a one-stop service professionally including consulting, design, manufacture, supply, installation, and intelligent operating. It is our pleasure to custom solutions for you according to the moisture content of sludge discharge, storage, and transmission characteristics.

        Technical Route of Sludge Dewatering, Storage, Transportation and Drying

        Main Units of the System: dehydration system, storage and transportation system, drying and incineration system, tail gas treatment system

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